05 Aug How Michael Gonçalves reconciled the best of both worlds in his role as Oracle Functional Advisor with Alithya

With a degree in Software Engineering from McGill University, as well as several courses in Management and Business, Michael Gonçalves dreamed of combining his two passions. He began his career as an Oracle IT Project Manager for a global company, where he was responsible for order management, financial statements, shipments, and operations. Three and a half years ago, he became a consultant for Pro2P, a company acquired by Alithya in October 2016. At that time, he was advising client management teams on all types of projects through the recommendation and implementation of digital solutions that were most conducive to advancing their visions and achieving their goals.

Develop the right solutions for customer needs

“As a consultant, I need to get to know my clients’ businesses, understand their day-to-day operations and recognize the challenges that they face. With some projects, I meet with executives in order to gain a deeper understanding of their business objectives. I then turn to the developer teams and work with them to formulate recommendations for the best solutions to the client’s specific needs. Therefore, it’s important for me to understand the client’s business objectives, the realities of their industry, and their constraints in order to propose the most effective technology strategies. It’s really the best of both worlds for me,” says Michael.

A corporate culture of collaboration and support

As the technological landscape evolves and transforms, Alithya strongly encourages its consultants to build upon their existing knowledge, to pursue additional training, to constantly stay abreast of new products, and to obtain new certifications. Michael is no exception: “I receive lots of support from my superiors in terms of diversifying the projects that I work on, which allows me to collaborate with other experts espousing different points of view, based on their experiences with other customers. It’s also part of the culture within Alithya’s Oracle team to interact with and solicit the opinions of colleagues in order to find the best ideas and solutions for our customers.”

Using the latest technologies

The arrival of cloud solutions is the most recent transformation in the Oracle universe, and Alithya was one of the first Canadian companies to deploy the solution within the company. “It’s a new solution that requires less upstream costs and which is easier to implement. That’s why so many companies in Canada are interested in migrating to these new solutions. I can’t wait to work with customers on new Oracle cloud implementations,” Michael concludes.

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