Stronger together

Stronger business. Smarter solutions.

In November of 2018, Alithya joined forces with Fullscope and Ranzal to become a leading company in strategy and digital technology, with 2,000 highly skilled professionals delivering and building solutions across Canada, the US and Europe. This is a new chapter in the life of our companies.


Alithya’s comprehensive range of digital technology services is complemented and expanded with Fullscope’s impressive Microsoft capabilities including Dynamics, Business Analytics, Azure, digital solutions, advanced analytics, application development and architecture.


Ranzal’s renowned expertise allows Alithya to add Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP Cloud), advanced analytics, application development, architecture and managed services to our Enterprise Business Solutions (EBS), ERP Cloud and DataBase (DBAaS) services expertise.


Together, our integrated offerings position us as a leading digital technology partner, highly skilled in designing innovative and efficient solutions for complex digital integration, transformation and business challenges. Our clients, covering a large spectrum of sectors, entrust us with their strategic projects across Banking, Investment and Insurance, Energy, Manufacturing, Retail and Distribution, Telecommunications, Transportation, Professional services, Healthcare and Government sectors.

An expanded offering

2,000 professionals

More than 2,000 clients



  • Including Strategic Consulting, Organizational Performance, Architecture, and Co-management

Microsoft solutions for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Analytics and Azure-based solutions.

  • including Dynamics, digital solutions, advanced analytics, application development and architecture

Oracle Cloud solutions for Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP Cloud) and Enterprise Business Solutions (EBS) and Business Analytics

  • including application development, architecture and managed services
  • Including our Remote Digital Solutions Center, system integration and development and business Analytics

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We are all Alithya.