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BAI – Business Analytics for Investment

Analytics for investment

The Business Analytics for Investment (BAI) solution empowers investment firms with the tools to build investment analytics according to their business needs.

Using Alithya’s BAI, investment firms can make sense of their data to effectively plan, understand, and predict financial performance, including:

Sales and marketing

  • Compare changes in assets under management (AUM) to sales and marketing costs
  • Highlight effectiveness of sales and marketing campaigns
  • Monitor the introduction of new AUM over time
  • Trading and portfolio management

Monitor the effectiveness of investment strategies

  • Compare portfolio returns to AUM changes
  • Increase efficiency by analyzing trading and portfolio costs
  • Portfolio risk and performance analysis

Measure the effectiveness of an overall strategy

  • Monitor changes in assets, revenue and composition
  • Monitor portfolio compliance
  • Research and development

Test potential strategies

  • Gain insight into research and development efficiencies
  • Compare portfolio performance to R&D costs

Alithya has successfully delivered countless BI systems to the financial industry. The BAI leverages Alithya’s extensive experience and best practices developed through these projects.


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