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BACR – Business Analytics for Credit Risk

Risk management is a continuous process for your organization. You can never completely eliminate risk, but you can mitigate it.

Alithya offers the Business Analytics for Credit Risk (BACR) Accelerator — a solution that provides enterprise-wide risk management. Organizations can use BACR to build credit risk analytics according to their specific business needs.

BACR empowers credit officers to make sense of their data and effectively plan, understand, manage, and predict financial and operational performance, including:

Credit exposure reporting

  • Identify large exposures in the credit portfolio
  • Analyze consolidated credit exposure across the entire enterprise
  • Measure single-name and aggregate exposures across all business lines
  • Monitor related parties’ exposures
  • Monitor current and potential future exposures of counterparty transactions

Credit portfolio composition

  • Analyze composition by credit quality, industry segment or location
  • Identify concentration risk in the credit portfolio
  • Analyze trends in portfolio composition changes

Capital requirements

  • Calculate regulatory and economic capital requirements for on- and off-balance-sheet credit exposures

Alithya has successfully delivered countless BI systems to the financial industry. The BACR leverages Alithya’s extensive experience and best practices developed through these projects.


Downloads: BACR Brochure

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