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To remain successful and well-informed in turbulent markets, investors value trading partners who provide accurate and timely information on trade positions and market activity. Broker-dealers need dependable, robust solutions for tracking market trends, measuring performance and providing key metrics in an easy-to-use format.


Building on our expertise in both technology and the capital markets, Alithya offers a suite of reporting solutions for trade analytics ranging from tactical, departmental-level solutions to strategic, enterprise-wide systems.


These trade reporting solutions provide an aggregated view of your firm’s trading activity to simplify compliance inquiries, mitigate risks, and research trading patterns for potential sales opportunities.

Pension Plans

With large holdings on the line, pension plan managers need immediate access to market and portfolio data to inform their decisions.


Alithya is a strategic and technical partner to pension plans, providing analytic solutions to address tactical and enterprise reporting needs. We offer solutions for portfolio performance and fund management that allow:

  • Plan executives to quickly access summarized data
  • Portfolio managers to immediately access their detailed holdings
  • Users to perform ad hoc analysis using over 100 data attributes

Asset Management

Asset managers work diligently to keep up with the challenges of a rapidly-changing global marketplace.


Alithya is a trusted technical partner to the buy-side community, helping to address some of the most challenging business problems. Alithya offers tactical reporting solutions for investment analytics giving firms an aggregated view of their investment activity. With our solutions, firms can better understand and monitor the quality of:

  • Broker’s executions
  • Fund expense management
  • Portfolio performance measurement


Treasury groups within large financial institutions have complex data management needs for customer transactions, institutional activities, and compliance reporting. Alithya’s Treasury Practice is focused on addressing the needs of corporate treasuries, service providers, and regulators.


Our expert staff have developed a deep understanding of the technology and prevailing business practices related to:

  • Financial modelling, including the design and development of proprietary valuation models
  • Asset liability management
  • Funds transfer pricing
  • Non-market interest rate risk management
  • Liquidity risk management
  • Comprehensive capital analysis and review stress testing
  • Financial model validation and defense

Alithya provides automated reporting solutions for:

  • Liquidity reporting
  • Stress testing
  • Regulatory reporting, such as BASEL III standards

Alithya’s solutions significantly reduce the time and effort required to generate reports, providing more opportunities to consider alternative stress scenarios.

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