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CASSI™ for Outage

CASSI™ Outage work management reporting software supports the continuous improvement of pre-outage, preparation, and execution-centred activities, which are essential to a successful Nuclear Outage Program. Our software is designed to allow Outage Stakeholders to drive accountability for the work assigned, and to consistently and accurately track costs, resources, and work status against milestone-driven performance goals. CASSI™ provides deep business insight into where opportunities exist in the Work Management process to avoid delays, save time, save money, and optimize the use of resources, without sacrificing safety or reliability.


CASSI™ Outage includes key preparation and execution indicators such as:

  • Scope survival and stability
  • Cost and schedule tracking
  • Parts availability and long-lead parts
  • Emergent work
  • Daily activities by work group
  • Planning status
  • Backlog trends
  • Permits, clearances, walkdowns
  • Schedule completion burndown


  • Fleet-wide reports and measures
  • Improve process efficiency and milestone discipline
  • Predictable outage planning and execution
  • Improve focus and accountability
  • Minimize costs for resources, schedules, parts, backlog, etc.

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