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CASSI™ for Maintenance and Reliability

CASSI™ Maintenance and Reliability reporting is key to supporting the continuous improvement of preparation, execution, backlog, and reliability-centred activities for value-based maintenance organizations.


CASSI™ reduces the level of effort needed to generate and distribute maintenance performance reports and provides deep business insight into where opportunities exist to streamline the maintenance process and improve the health of the plant.


By leveraging our software a facility can improve the effectiveness of their preventative maintenance and in turn maximize the life of their equipment.


CASSI™ Equipment Reliability includes key indicators such as:

  • Critical scope survival and stability
  • Permits, clearances, walkdowns
  • Availability and downtime stats
  • Total PM:CM, costs, and hours
  • Backlog analysis and ERI scorecard
  • Schedule adherence and completion
  • Resource loading and stability
  • Emergent work and carryover
  • Equipment consolidation


  • Site-wide consistent and accurate reports and measures
  • Improve process efficiency and milestone discipline
  • Improve reliability, and backlog management
  • Improve focus and accountability in the resolution of issues
  • Minimize costs for resources, schedules, parts, backlog, etc.
  • Improve maintenance effectiveness and system health

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