Energy Services

CASSI™ Analytics and KPIs

CASSI™ is Alithya’s work management reporting software that supports the continuous improvement of preparation, execution, backlog, and reliability-centred activities. Our software is designed to allow Work Week Leaders, Planners, Schedulers, Operations, and Maintenance staff to drive accountability for the work assigned, and to consistently and accurately track progress against corporate and site-based performance goals.


CASSI™ reduces the level of effort needed to generate and distribute maintenance performance reports and provides deep business insight into where opportunities exist to streamline the maintenance process, and improve the health of the plant.


Along with a series of base modules, CASSI™ can be further customized to meet your specific analytics requirements.


CASSI™ users enjoy:

  • Out-of-the-box dashboards, reports and drilldowns that summarize work management metrics and enable effective root-cause analysis
  • Fully automated processing and reporting on key metrics allowing you to focus on analyzing results and improving management and execution rather than on data collection and validation
  • Customized presentations for meetings or review processes
  • A flexible browser-based user interface to easily control key parameters as required
  • Comprehensive documentation, including details on how metrics are calculated
  • Performance trends, history, and auditing
  • Responsive support and active product enhancements
  • Self-serve user configuration

CASSI™ modules include:

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