Alithya Specializations


Drive growth for our employees, our business partners and our organization through engagement, collaborative leadership and a culture of innovation.

Our services

We provide expertise to transform and modernize systems with new technologies based on best market practices in the digital technology field.

  • Digital development solutions
  • Strategic digital transformation support
  • Training and innovation laboratories
  • JAVA, .NET and Agile communities of practice

We build business partnerships that are based on transparency and collaboration. Turnkey or comanaged projects are carried out from our offices on a risk-sharing basis..

Our expertise

  • Web – micro services, API development
  • Information and transactional website development
  • Agile transformation support
  • DevOps
  • Quality assurance

Our approach

The Digital Solutions Center offers more than “remote development”; it applies strategic levers that bring greater value to your organization.

  • Support for developing opportunity studies to demonstrate the savings generated by a transformation
  • Collaboration to define requirements
  • Project planning, follow-up and delivery
  • Continuous improvement driven by our laboratories and communities of practice

Our approach fosters partnerships to capitalize on strong cooperation enabling the prioritization of needs and sharing of project implementation risks.

Training and innovation laboratories

Our laboratories’ main focus is the development of our advisors through a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. In addition to continuous training programs, our laboratories offer a showcase of new technology trends and an environment that encourages proofs of concept.


To support our services, we offer:

  • A community of practice and an Agile and Scrum Master coach training center
  • A community of practice and Atlassian support services

Our specialities

Learn more by downloading our Digital Solutions Center brochure and our Agility brochure.


Banking, financial markets and insurance

Manufacturing, retail and distribution





Professional services

Public sector

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