02 Nov Canada’s tech sector gender gap: we’re working to fix it!

Sean Silcoff’s article “‘We absolutely have a problem’: Canada’s tech sector gender gap”, which appeared in The Globe and Mail on November 1st was deeply troubling. While it is true that there is a gender disparity in the tech industry, especially when compared to other industries or Canadian stock index companies, one should not assume that all tech companies suffer from a “Silicon Valley culture” of “‘toxic masculinity’ in which many tech leaders have little...


28 Jul UX and UI , what is it?

In the world of IT consulting, few companies can count on their own UX/UI team and often call web agencies to the rescue, or worse, simply neglect this essential stage of any development project. Good news, Alithya can now count on a UX/UI team of their own composed of experienced skilled specialists who can accompany their clients in any project types, whatever the project scale. But back to the basis, it could be interesting to define...


26 Jul Information Architecture: What’s In It For My Organization?

Information architecture (IA) is often undervalued. Yet, it’s about time to harness the power of IA as an agility enabler against the competition and economic and social challenges. IA, which is an integral part of enterprise architecture, is the structuring of information entities inherent to the organization’s business and of their interrelations, as well as principles and guidelines governing their creation and evolution in time. We use the word “structuring” rather than “structure” to emphasize the dynamic and...