About us


Alithya has a rigorous quality policy, in compliance with ISO 9001 standards, ensuring its customers receive professional services of the highest quality.

Quality is an essential part of the service Alithya provides to its customers.

In fact, quality is a constant concern in all stages of customer service delivery as well as in all internal processes of governance, coaching, improvement and support.

Therefore, our quality policy is to:

  • Implement business development strategies while respecting ethical rules and the organizational reality of our clients;
  • Satisfy our customers by establishing an ongoing partnership aimed at fully understanding their expectations and responding to their needs with our services;
  • Offer quality services with added value augmented by the control and the continuous improvement of our working methods and the maintenance of our avant-garde technological expertise;
  • Encourage our growth and fulfillment by promoting a healthy and stimulating environment that fosters creativity and improves skills, career success and teamwork;
  • Constantly strive for continuous improvement of our processes and quality management system supported by effective risk management and identification of opportunities.

We are proud that our approach TO quality management system is recognised and that our Montreal and Quebec City offices are ISO 9001 certified.

Alithya is a qualified expert recognised by the Canadian federal government for its artificial intelligence solutions


Alithya’s team of Data Scientists has built machine learning solutions based on algorithms that can adapt and learn from the feedback of users. Such machine learning applications can deliver significant efficiencies for organizations challenged with subjectively analysing and manually investigating high volumes of transactions. Such solutions can be applied to a variety of sectors.


Banking, financial markets and insurance

Manufacturing, retail and distribution





Professional services

Public sector

For any inquiries, please contact us at sales@alithya.com