Alithya is a Proud Member of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business

04 Apr Alithya is a Proud Member of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business

Alithya recognizes the economic potential of Aboriginal-Corporate Canada partnerships to provide skill and value to Alithya and its clients, while creating growth, economic opportunities, and prosperity in Aboriginal communities across Canada.

Alithya is now a proud member of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB), an organization dedicated to growing a diverse and prosperous Aboriginal business community. We are committed to working with Indigenous businesses, building an Indigenous Relations program, and increasing our Indigenous content and supply chain.

Alithya has also partnered with Alpha Beta Technologies Group Ltd., an Indigenous consultancy company specializing in solutions and strategies for the energy sector, to recognize and support Indigenous values and needs through corporate relations. In return, ABT Group has committed to “support Alithya in the development of programs and policies associated with the Development and Maintenance of an Indigenous Relations Program.”

Our partnership with ABT Group is just one example of the initiatives we are taking towards building a more inclusive society. Alithya is proud to support and foster a diverse workforce through fair and equitable hiring strategies, support religious practices with a designated prayer room, accommodate people with disabilities, and support women in leadership roles.

As a result of these and other efforts, Alithya has built a strong and dedicated workforce, and we look forward to building that same openness and trust with our Indigenous partners.