Alithya Technology

Alithya Technology offers a comprehensive range of consulting services that meet your needs in 4 critical areas: contributing to your business solutions, transforming your needs into winning solutions, business partnerships with collaborative management and guidance for your teams.


Business Analysis and Architecture

Recognized expertise, methods and approaches, supported by specific certifications.

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Information Systems Architecture

Interventions tailored for Agile projects, supported by systems integration consultants.

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Technology Architecture

A method based on architecture integration and the alignment of strategies, objectives and priorities.

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Change and transition management

A team of expert advisors who can intervene effectively to implement business and technology solutions.

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Systems Development

Guidance in application development and the implementation of your projects.

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Project management

A quality team that can easily and effectively intervene in all stages of your projects.

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Technology Infrastructure

Specialized guidance in the planning and implementation of your technology infrastructure projects.

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IT Services Management

Benefit fully from your infrastructure, reduce your costs reduction and maximize the success of your projects.

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Web and mobile solutions

Our experts provide guidance for the development of your web and mobile projects while respecting your objectives.

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Unified Communications and Collaboration

Optimization of staff productivity by accessing, entering and receiving data from everywhere, at all times.

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Eco-friendly workplaces

A novel approach that links work reorganization to the usage of the latest technology innovations.

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Integrated portfolio and project management solution

An innovative approach to guiding public and private sector organizations to ensure your chosen solution is fully deployed and integrated into your operations.

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A business partnership to manage collaboratively your different services

Collaborative Management and Co-Management

A unique model of services delivered through co-management, based on principles that allows for sustained supporting collaboration.

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Delivery centre

Guidance in the management of your projects, solutions, and operations, supported by a delivery process and a delivery method tailored to your work environment.

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An accompaniment to support the performance and evolution of your teams

Performance and trends

Collaboration and support from our team of expert consultants in developing the potential of your teams.

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Our achievements

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