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20 Sep To Be or Not To Be… A Consultant?

By: Eric Banville Over 30 years ago, I fell into the world of consulting not by choice, but rather by chance. Like most young people my age at the time, I was fresh out of college and I was looking for a job ...

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31 Aug Nuclear Sustainability – Rising to the Challenge at the 2015 ANS Conference

By: Ellen Clysdale We participated as an exhibiting sponsor at the 2015 American Nuclear Society (ANS) Utility Working Conference (UWC) and Vendor Technology Expo held August 9 – 12, at the Omni Amelia Island Plantation. The theme this year was “Nuclear Sustainability – Rising to the Challenge”. The UWC provided a broad array of seminar topics, panel discussions, and networking opportunities. Key sessions included: “Online Execution”, “Outage Performance Improvement Initiatives”, “Resource Utilization Effectiveness and Proper Utilization of Fix...

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28 Aug Big Data and the Rise of ETFs – Common Themes at the Markets Media CTIS 2015

By: Ellen Clysdale Markets Media recently held its 8th annual Canadian Trading and Investing Summit on April 1st at the Arcadian Court in Toronto. Our organization participated as a lead sponsor of the event which included several breakfast forums, panel sessions, a networking lunch and cocktail reception for members from all segments of the Canadian financial industry. The main panels included discussions on global investment outlook; market structure and the challenges of liquidity sourcing; the rise of...

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01 Aug McMaster Big Data Forum

Par : Nigel Fonseca I recently had the pleasure of being a panelist at the inaugural McMaster Big Data Forum held this past September. McMaster University recognizes that big data is transforming the way people do business and sees collaboration between government, the private sector and the education system as a key factor in delivering innovative results.  This one day event brought in leading big data experts to discuss the challenges and key issues that are confronted...

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24 Jul Let’s Talk Big Data

  By: Ellen Clysdale On October 29th SWI participated in the YRBiz Series event “Let’s Talk Big Data”, designed to expose local businesses to new ideas, insights, and resources.  A number of speakers from the Ontario Centres of Excellence institutes and programs introduced how the OCE helps connect advanced university research programs with commercialization and Entrepreneurs in the Health Informatics and Computing space. Topics touched on included the use of Homomorphic Encryption to ensure privacy of merged Big Data health datasets, the expanding sphere of Open Data possibilities,...


28 Jul UX and UI , what is it?

In the world of IT consulting, few companies can count on their own UX/UI team and often call web agencies to the rescue, or worse, simply neglect this essential stage of any development project. Good news, Alithya can now count on a UX/UI team of their own composed of experienced skilled specialists who can accompany their clients in any project types, whatever the project scale. But back to the basis, it could be interesting to define...


27 Jul Are you ready for new work styles?

A question comes up regularly in recent years, namely, why we still perpetuate the downtown model with office towers. The completely congested roadways that, like the Groundhog Day guide, all employees anxious to get to their office space every day. Find a crowded parking area, take the crowded elevator to occupy a few floors above the office space with neon lights. It is somewhat incomprehensible that this work style still exists in 2015. Today, far more...


26 Jul Information Architecture: What’s In It For My Organization?

Information architecture (IA) is often undervalued. Yet, it’s about time to harness the power of IA as an agility enabler against the competition and economic and social challenges. IA, which is an integral part of enterprise architecture, is the structuring of information entities inherent to the organization’s business and of their interrelations, as well as principles and guidelines governing their creation and evolution in time. We use the word “structuring” rather than “structure” to emphasize the dynamic and...